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Just plug the inexpensive swipe reader into ANY PC (or multiple PCs) with Internet connectivity, login to the ChargeEasy site, and you are ready to accept credit cards!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This Authorize.Net Card Present Payment Gateway is for RETAIL "card swiped" transactions, and "key entered" phone orders. It cannot be used for eCommerce Web site processing with a shopping cart.

  • Automatically batches your transactions each night with the Auth-Capture feature
  • Very fast 3-4 second authorization times
  • Web based system uses secure SSL functionality
  • Real time Online Reports accessible from the ChargeEasy interface to Authorize.Net
  • Receipts print on Epson TM-T88IV Printer (ChargeEasy does NOT offer the printer for sale)
  • Owner/Mangers can securely login from any PC with an Internet connection to review your stores’ credit card transactions remotely
  • Owner/Mangers can receive an automated email every time a ChargeEasy transaction occurs in your store


Security Features Included

  • ChargeEasy utilizes Authorize.Net, which is certified as Visa CISP compliant
  • Supports CVV, the printed code on the back of credit cards that can reduce chargebacks
  • Supports secure swipe readers, safer than keyboard emulators

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