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ChargeEasy makes accepting credit cards and debit cards at your
Retail Location

(NOT Mac compatible)

ChargeEasy turns any PC with Internet access into a Retail Credit Card Terminal. The inexpensive "swipe reader" plugs directly into your USB Port and connects to our secure Web based system – no additional hardware or software required! NOTE: ChargeEasy CANNOT be used for eCommerce or Recurring Billing.

ChargeEasy is a BUNDLED PAYMENT SOLUTION for processing and managing your credit card transactions.


User-Friendly, Secure, Flexible and Affordable:

  • Accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover & Debit Cards
  • Multi User support – with just ONE ChargeEasy account you can:
    • add additional swipe readers to multiple PCs
  • Receipts print on any Windows compatible printer
  • Includes a Virtual Terminal for key entry of phone sales and credit returns
  • All Sales are deposited directly into your local checking account
  • Utilizes the Authorize.Net Gateway, which is certified as Visa CISP compliant


#1) This Authorize.Net Card Present ChargeEasy Payment Gateway is for RETAIL "card swiped" transactions, and "key entered" phone orders. It cannot be used for eCommerce Web site processing with a shopping cart, and it does NOT allow RECURRING BILLING.

#2) If you ALREADY have an Authorize.Net eCommerce Payment Gateway and Internet merchant account, it cannot be used with ChargeEasy. A Second RETAIL merchant account and Authorize.Net Card Present ChargeEasy Payment Gateway is required.

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