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System Requirements and Hardware

You must have the following to process ChargeEasy transactions:

  • Any PC using Windows 2000 and/or Windows XP (home or professional editions)
  • Internet connection using Internet Explorer 6.0 and above
  • Card Present Merchant Account from e-onlinedata, the leader in credit card processing
  • ChargeEasy Authorize.Net Payment Gateway Account
  • USB HID MagTek Swipe reader:
Name Model Number Tracks Color
Mini USB Swipe Reader (with HID Driver) 21040101  1, 2, & 3 Pearl White

Due to enhanced security, this Mini USB Swipe Reader with HID Driver is REQUIRED.
Transactions processed via SSL2 (a highly secure Internet protocol).
If you would like to add a PRINTER, the Epson TM-T88IV Printer is the only printer RECOMMENDED by Authorize.Net. ChargeEasy does NOT offer the printer for sale.

This Authorize.Net Card Present Payment Gateway is for RETAIL "card swiped" transactions, and "key entered" phone orders.

ChargeEasy and the Authorize.Net Card Present Payment Gateway cannot be used for eCommerce Web site processing with a shopping cart.

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